Wholesale Policies

Wholesale Policies

Those interested in a wholesale account with my shop need to contact me directly here or by email at humbleprideglass@gmail.com to be screened and, if chosen, connected to a wholesale account. Currently, I am only accepting accounts for Brick and Mortar/Physical shop sales.

Wholesale accounts are limited and will be terminated after one year of non-use. Please feel free to reapply if you need to reorder after this time. 

Order processing for wholesale orders is up to 30 days for orders under 40 items, 45 days for orders over 40. 

All items added to the cart mush have "Wholesale order" selected as the processing option. Items added with upgrades will be assumed to be tips offered towards your regularly scheduled wholesale processed order. 

Please be sure to photo document any damage to packages or items upon arrival, and contact me as soon as possible about any problems. 

All glass items are handmade to order, by me personally. Please help me fight the imports and knock-offs of American made glass art designs by crediting me as the artist in some manner during online marketing. It doesn't have to be overt, and it can be as simple as "Made by Humble Pride Glass", Artist: Michael Sorenson, or even just, "Made in Eugene, Oregon". But it is important to help educate the glass consumers that every glass piece is made by an artist, and not a mass-produced commodity, for the health and longevity of the creative industry. I thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the greatly increased flow of retail orders during the winter holiday season, I will stop taking wholesale orders on Oct. 15th and will begin accepting new wholesale orders on December 21st. The goal is to get all wholesale orders delivered to you in time for Black Friday, and to free myself up for retail sales for the rest of the month. Orders submitted after Oct. 15th may be cancelled.