Rain Drop Glass Pipes in 5 Rainbow-inspired Colors

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Rain Drop-shaped glass pipes are available in a rainbow of color options, as a Set or Individually. These home art decor smoking bowls are designed to be fun to use and beautiful to display. I designed it to be a kinetic smoking pipe that wiggles and rocks on its bottom; it is self-standing, but will rock and sway. Though they rock back and forth, they can be pushed over, so please be alert if you have cats.

These drops are hand blown, shaping may vary naturally. All glass used is made in the USA and blown in Eugene, Oregon by Michael Sorenson.

Available in the following colors, or as a whole set*:
~~ Morning Dew (Pink)
~~ Drop of Golden Sun (Yellow)
~~ Spring Rain (Green)
~~ Sprinkles (Blue with glitter shimmer)
~~ Purple Rain-colored (GA7692

Measures about 3.5 x 3 inches high and wide. 

*Set is discounted, and is not available for Wholesale account purchase. 

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