Fruit Bowl Pipe Set

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My Glass smoking Pipe Fruit Bowl Set is a collection of 8 of my most popular unique produce art glass fruit pipes sold in a collection at a 20% discount. Includes one of each:
-Peach Pipe (select from the following colors: Blush, Creme de Peche, Pink and Snow)
-Lemon Pipe
-Orange Fruit Pipe
-Banana Pipe
-Chili Pipe
-Grapes Chillum
-Plum Pipe
-Red Apple Pipe
Each Pipe is about 3-4 inches long.

Fruit designs are naturally rounded on the bottom, but you can select to have some of them "flattened" on the bottom so they are self-standing (though the natural fruit look will be different with this shaping change). Pieces that the flattened option would apply to: banana, orange, lemon and apple. 

Items are handmade-to-order, general order production may take up to 7 days before shipment.  I do offer processing upgrades for those who want their order placed into a guaranteed priority position in my scheduling. When adding an item to the cart, you will be given the opportunity to select one of these Upgrades, or order with General Processing.