Berry Bowl, Fruit Glass Pipe Collection, Strawberry Blueberry and Pomegranate Pipes, Fruit Smoking Bowl

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Fruit Pipe Collection set featuring my Deluxe Sparkle Blueberry glass pipe, Sparkle Pomegranate glass pipe and Strawberry glass pipe smoking bowl. All three pieces are handcrafted to order, and measure about 3 inches long. Set discounted 15% of individual items price. (Glass pieces, only; Silver dish only for display)


Items are handmade-to-order, general order production may take up to 7 days before shipment.  I do offer processing upgrades for those who want their order placed into a guaranteed priority position in my scheduling. When adding an item to the cart, you will be given the opportunity to select one of these Upgrades, or order with General Processing.

You can read more about the Priority Processing opitions, and their Guarantee plans,  HERE